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About Us


  • We are a married couple with vast  experience in animal care. We have owned, shown and bred pedigree dogs  for in excess of 35 years each. We are both registered with the  Australian National Kennel Council to judge dogs.
  • We  have run boarding kennels for over 25 years we do not board lots of  dogs as we prefer to keep it at a manageable level so that we can take  our time with each dog.
  • We  live on site so your pets will have 24/7 supervision. We have access to  excellent veterinarians and are in close proximity to all hours  emergency vets. Your best friend is in the best of hands.
  • We also run the Fur Kidz Resort heated pool for dogs.

About our facility


  • We accommodate all breeds of dogs but not ALL dogs are suitable for boarding. Please refer to the section on that.
  • Our kennels are brick and iron construction. 
  • We have air-conditioning in place for the hot summer months.
  •  We have 8 kennels which open onto 4 large exercise areas where dogs will get ample time out to run and play.
  • We NEVER run dogs together unless they usually live together.
  • We can cater for dogs that require medication and do not charge extra for administering such.  
  • We currently feed Lifewise dog  food. All of our show and breeding dogs are fed it, our puppies are  raised on it. We have been more than impressed with the results and it  ticks all of our boxes in terms of suitably sourced from Australia  ingredients and being Australian owned and operated.  It is a premium  food and is full of both pre and pro biotics.

Getting ready for boarding?


  • Most dogs cope or adjust well to being in kennels. Many of them look forward to coming back and are happy to be here. 
  • If your dog is not used to boarding and you are planning an extended holiday we strongly  recommend that you consider overnight sleep overs in our off peak  periods (when school is in!).  This will assist your dog in getting used  to us and the surrounds.  Building up to a 2 - 3 days stay is a good  idea.  Most dogs will come around but it is much nicer for them if they  are familiar with any kennel before being delivered at peak time (lots  of activity and increased noise) for a long stay.
  • NOT ALL DOGS ARE SUITABLE FOR BOARDING.   Experience and knowledge tells us that not all dogs will cope well with  boarding.  
  • Dogs  that are on anti-anxiety medication will need to be assessed on an  individual basis. If your dog has anxiety or aggression issues please  let us know at the time of booking.
  • In  the past we have managed many dogs with aggression or anxiety however  after working with well qualified behaviourists for a number of years we  are now suggesting, for the sake of your dog and our other boarders,  that you look for alternatives.  Dogs with anxiety or aggression will  not be happy in kennels and it is not fair on them to be kenneled.  We  are happy to discuss this with you and if you are working with a  qualified trainer and have plans to address these issues we may be able  to assist.

The Dog Swimming Pool



Boasting one of Perth's only heated,  indoor swimming pools for dogs. Located in the southern suburb of  Canning Vale, Western Australia, our beautiful indoor pool has been  specifically designed for dogs recovering from surgery or in need of  non-weight bearing exercise. It is also a good source of fun and  exercise for all dogs.

The  cost of the pool has been set at what we believe to be close to cost  recovered. Our philosophy was that we have always wanted a place where  people could afford to swim their dogs in a safe environment that was  good for their health and well being.  We therefore need the pool to run  fairly autonomously. We do not give instructions on what you should do  with your dog in the pool (please ask your vet) and we do not assist you  with getting dogs in and out of the pool but we do provide some  assistance by way of long leads and flotation devices.

If  your dog is large and you need help we recommend you bring another  person with you, especially to start with. Many dogs, once they get past  the initial nerves about the pool will start to enjoy it and swim  happily.

We do not take  bookings via email or over the phone as it would add to the cost of  running the pool.  Therefore, to keep costs down we have a booking  system, see the 'book here' button above.

  • The  pool is heated to a minimum 28C year round to ensure it is a  comfortable experience for all involved. Usually the heat is around 29C
  • There is an inbuilt ramp as well as stairs to provide a number of options for entering the water.
  • We  provide free use of our Ezy Dog Doggy Flotation Devices and recommend  them for inexperienced dogs and dogs recovering from surgeries (please  seek advice from your vet)
  • Swimming is a great form of exercise for all dogs, not just those with special needs
  • We  provide a warm water rinse off area if you are concerned about chlorine  after the swim.  Sorry we cannot permit shampoos due to potential slip  hazards. If you would like to investigate the option of washing your dog  please speak with Chuckie at Pimp My Pet which is located on site.
  • The  pool is available by appointment for  30 and 60 minute sessions. The  pool is for your exclusive use during that time (you may swim more than  one dog providing they are friendly together)
  • For rules of the pool please see middle panel.
  • We are closed on Wednesday

Rules of the Pool




  • Bring a towel or a chamois to dry your dog off
  • ALL dogs MUST be on a lead when not in the pool building.  NO EXCEPTION
  • Please respect the space that other dogs need
  • Please be punctual, if you are late you lose time.  If you are a few minutes early and the pool is empty please go in
  • Please watch this YouTube video BEFORE your first swim or if you have never watched it before. It has some great tips in it
  • You MUST pick up after your dog.  There is a pooper scooper by the poo bin.  It does not bite :)
  • Please enter via the front door and exit via the back door.  NO wet dogs in the foyer
  • Please scoop excess hair out of the pool before  you leave
  • Please do NOT use shampoo at the wash down bay
  • Do NOT use our bath, dryer or grooming products
  • Please let us know if there is a problem at the pool.
  • The door bell is also a two way communication device, please ring it if you need us.
  • Finally, there is CCTV on and around the pool.




We are pleased to announce that Pimp My Pet grooming service has,   selected Fur Kidz Resort as a location for setting up a salon. 

Offering many years of experience, award winning groomer Chuckie will have your dog looking and smelling divine. 

If  you would like your dog expertly trimmed or bathed in superior quality  (and smelling) products, we strongly recommend you make an appointment  today.

Fur Kidz customers:  make an appointment while your dog is staying with us and you will receive an in-house discount on the grooming.

Phone:  0424 491 001

Scroll down for a link to her Facebook page.


Competitive Pricing

Our current rate is $27.50 per night per dog.

Two dogs (from same household) in same kennel is $50.00 per night.

We discount for stays over 28 nights. Please ask for details.

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Fur Kidz Resort

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